About us 


The prosperous journey of kenz started with two well displayed showrooms in Bahrain, but today we have surpassed all barriers and are set to embark on a journey to India, a journey to bring to you the sources of pleasure and want to get expertise to accompany our energetic approach. We work every day to find new, unique products and styles that offer the very best in today’s affordable modern furniture.Our designs are driven by vibrant color & pattern, textural cultural details with eclectic style. Each product reflects our dedication to design with a unique personality and sophisticated character. This lead in to simply ‘design is our being’.

From a curtain to upholstery, kenz is always committed to combine excellent product quality and service in to an experience you just can’t beat. Anything global and cultural always inspired us. Our mastery of artisans is expert in furniture aesthetics and can handle any design project, balancing beauty with functionality. We travel, cherish family and understand independent, modern lifestyles. In luxury homes, we can redefine your bedroom, living area, dining hall to increase the beauty and value of your home. Our services begin with the concept development to capture your vision and redefine aesthetics of your residence, office or hotels and resorts that brings it to life. You will be able to select every option in your taste of design, from curtains, blinds, flooring, sofas, wall panels and wall papers. Kenz’s designs reflect each client from concept visualization down to the last detail. The end result is exceptional design that is functional and gorgeous!

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